It’s soft, not too bouncy and surprisingly durable at a reasonable price. If you only play games of fetch in your living room, then there is a lot to love about this ball. But outside, it can’t be thrown as far and doesn’t bounce as high as our recommendations above. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that these are bad dog tennis balls. Some put up a great fight and were only just edged out by our top picks.

I Did So perhaps not know that!: Top Ten Chuck It Dog Toys of the decade

Everyone loves a cool dip on a hot day, and that includes your dog. Swimming is a great way to exercise your dog, and a good floating dog toy can make every swim into a fun and exciting game. Balls are a dog’s best friend and make for the best toys for active dogs. These unique toys are a twist on the old classic, giving your dog more of what they want. The durable nylon fabric is tough enough to stand up to dogs that fetch hard, and the larger squeaker ball is sure to get your dog excited. Its soft rubber design makes the Gourdo easy to pick up and gentle on the teeth and gums.

Made in the USA and part of West Paw’s eco-friendly zogoflex recycling program, this frisbee is durable and easy to keep clean (just throw it in the dishwasher!). Dogs enjoy getting a nice grip on the ring, it won’t cause tooth damage when catching, and the design makes this a great long-distance fetch toy. It also floats if you plan on playing fetch in the water. Tiny pups can enjoy fetch too, as long as their fetch toys are the correct size and weight, and I’ve included some great fetch toy options for small breeds below. Dogs always love to chase Frisbees, and this product is one of several Frisbee-style items the company offers. The flying ring is not made from hard plastic like many of ChuckIt’s products, but instead from a soft but durable material similar to nylon.

We recommend using large natural treats such as pigs ears inside this ball to occupy your dog for hours. This is a high performance ball, designed to allow airflow into dogs’ lungs enabling them to breathe while running & fetching. Available as a medium or large ball and compatible with both sizes of the ChuckIt launcher. Absolutely, we recommend you wash your dog’s toys regularly.

As seen on TV, the Wobble Wag Giggle Ball is sure to give any pup a case of the zoomies! The smart ball emits giggling, human-like noises while it wobbles and rolls, exciting dogs and keeping them entertained for long stretches at a time. The first thing is to encourage your pet to go after the ball. Once it grabs the ball reward your pet with its motivator of choice.

  • The toy is ideal for small- and medium-sized dogs, but not recommended for large dogs and extra tough chewers.
  • Some house owners mentioned that their dog has a hard time getting in and out of the raft.
  • Dogs love playing with this plush toy’s 3 adorable donuts and digging them out of the ‘coffee cup’ holder or fetching them with you.
  • This downside might be solved by either slightly deflating the ring or by displaying your pup how he can soar in from the edge of the pool.

The frisbee allows for high flying fun and comes in two different sizes depending on the size and breed of your dog. It’s made with durable construction and has a reputable company of origin. The toy comes in a few different sizes ranging from small to large. This makes it easy for you to find the perfect sized toy for your pup. Something great about this ball is that it comes in five different sizes ranging from small to XXL. This means it truly meets the needs of power chewers of all sizes. What makes this ball so strong is that it has a solid rubber core.

Made of durable rubber, the ball bounces and squeaks, making for an extra fun game of fetch. How it works is that you grab the pole and move it around so that the fleece toy at the bottom of the cord bounces around.

Though it comes with a ball, standard tennis balls are also compatible. Though there are many different varieties of this launcher available, this 26” model is an ideal size for stashing in the car trunk for trips to the beach. tennis ball is included—though the launcher is compatible with standard-size tennis balls if you need replacements. Enjoy a high-flying game of fetch with your dog in all types of weather with this durable floppy disc toy. It comes in a variety of bright colors for easy visibility and is made from lightweight material that flies through the air and floats on water. Plus, the multi-layer nylon construction is safe on your dog’s teeth but durable for long-lasting days of play. Classic dog fetch toys are great, but this Chuckit Flying Squirrel adds a whole new dimension to the game of fetch.

There are also dog ball toys that come with rope attachments. These are extra heavy-duty, too so they should be excellent choices for heavy chewers.

The company also embraces a number of environmentally friendly practices, working to create sustainable, eco-friendly dog toys. They even manage a Zogoflex recycling program, which helps keep old toys from ending up in landfills. They make many different types of toys, ranging from fabric-based toys that are chuckit frisbee intended for tug-of-war to balls designed to bounce in odd ways. They also make puzzle toys that are designed to stimulate your pup’s mind and keep him out of trouble. KONG was founded way back in 1976 when the founder, Joe Markham, began making unusually shaped chew toys out of a very durable rubber.